Dukhan Beach Getaway!

Dukhan Beach – situated in the west coast part of the country would be a perfect getaway destination to have a splendid trip for enjoyment. Whether you are in the country for a holiday or you live in the country and just want an escape from your Qatar Living exhaustion, this beach is no doubt to be one of the best places to go. Dukhan beach is approximately90 kilometers from the heart of the city and would probably take at least 45 minutes of driving to get there.

Qatar can be a boring place to live for some. If you look forward in spending time in the country side, you might want to check out this place. Dukhan beach seems to be the best beach you will find in Qatar that is free. It is clean, water is not too deep (kids of all age’s can play here) and best spot to watch fish & crabs. Unlike any other free beaches in Qatar, Dukhan Beach will give you the convenience during your picnic as there are Nipa huts with tables and chairs readily available. That means there is a roof over your head if you decide to take a break from swimming.

Together with my cousins and friends, we left the city around 5AM and reached the place at 6AM where it was a cold and bright sunny day. It was beginning of the winter when we went there and that I believe is a perfect season, not too ho or too cold. Take note that we actually saw some signs that cameras are not allowed and taking pictures are prohibited. However, we have to ignore that rule as photos need to be taken for Facebook and blogging purposes.


We unpacked our foods and thanks to that grilling station readily accessible which made our BBQ done quickly. Like any other picnic, we ate, swam, played and enjoyed our day. The water however is really cold and salty. It is unfortunate that during our visit in Dukhan beach, a sandstorm came visible to us so we had to pack up and leave the place.



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